Starting Pearl’s Closet

Starting Pearl’s Closet has been years in the making. To be exact, 3. Summer 2016 was the start of my journey; going from an idea to execution while having a busy job in computer science and NO experience whatsoever in fashion … leave alone designing stuff that you can actually wear! Anyway, Pearl’s Closet is here now, and I hope you’ll hang in there with me while creating nice, fashionable yet wearable (!), gorgeous and fun things!  First of all, let me tell you why I decided to pursue this dream:

One day I was sitting in our dugout, I play softball myself, while watching our pitcher on her pitcher’s rubber warmup before the game… the usual. Let me tell you, our pitcher is a lovely young woman, who has a lot going on for her. But that particular I noticed that she was self-conscious at times. I was wondering why that would be.

pear's closet activewear

A few games later…

I noticed there were more of us acting a bit self-conscious, again at times, so I talked to two of my teammates asking them why that is. First, they were a bit surprised “what do you mean?” So it was not something they were aware of. But now that I’d asked, they tried to figure out why it might look like they were self-conscious. Both told me that they were very unhappy with our outfits. It all became clear: I’ve had the same feeling for a very long time: It doesn’t FEEL (leave alone “LOOK”) right when you are wearing sport gear that is designed for a male-body!

Our outfits do not complement our beautiful womanhood, the WOMEN that we are with all our curves and so one! 😉 It seems that some designers think, making a ‘pink version’ is al that is takes… ehm no. Our bodies differ from our male-colleague soft and baseball players.

Then and there I decided that I wanted to change that, so I designed my first softball apparel … especially designed for us women. All sizes! And this event inspired me to not stop at the softball apparel, but to design a whole line for women like myself. Working hard and playing hard! 

We start running in the morning getting at places in time, having careers, taking care of our families, playing sports and also try to have some form social life. It’s hard to do all of that while looking good and feeling proud of your appearance. We don’t have all the time in the world between all of these events to touch-up.

So, I figured that it would help me to have a wardrobe that helps me doing all the things I love to do, while not losing too much time looking the part. Hence, Pearl’s Closet: Efficiently dressed and equiped for all occasions! I know I want to do it on a full-time level. However, I also understand that this cannot happen overnight #beingrealistic. But I sincerely hope that the official introduction of “Pearl’s Closet” in 2019 will be that “small step” that is actually my “giant leap for mankind”. 

My mother taught me to talk about your dream and goals like they are already realized. And mama is always right! Well most of the time 😉 Note to mom: Thanks for believing in me… always!